Great Job, Internet!: PBS Game/Show explores why Tetris was such a hit

PBS Game/Show‘s latest entry, “Tetris: You’re Going To Lose,” ventures into the world of the wacky Russian video game. Host Jamin Warren gives viewers a six-minute tour of what makes Tetris so addictive. First, we get a quick primer on Tetris’ cold-war beginnings, learning how Alexey Pajitnov created the game at his desk in the same facility where the Soviets modeled the effects of nuclear winter.

Warren then cites Jeffery Goldsmith’s 1994 article for Wired,This Is Your Brain On Tetris,” which explorers the game’s ability to effect your brain’s cerebral glucose metabolic rate, or GMRs. Chasing a high, players ultimately push and train their brains. Tetris also shares a quality with many classic-era video games: It’s unwinnable; there’s no boss fight, no final cut sequence. It just ceaselessly imprints itself onto your brain; so much so that there’s a term …

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