Great Job, Internet!: Parks And Rec’s Leslie Knope pens inspirational open letter about election

It’s safe to say many of us are still reeling in a fugue state of uncertainty and upset. But as we begin to shake off the torpor of grief, the next step is seeking out voices who can help outline a path forward. To that end, Vox published an essay today by Parks And Recreation‘s Leslie Knope, who came out of retirement to share her thoughts about America’s next president. She compares Tuesday’s election to an experience she had as a young, civics-minded grade schooler participating in a mock class election:

The 17 students in our class were introduced to two fictional candidates: a smart if slightly bookish-looking cartoon tortoise named Greenie, and a cool-looking jaguar named Speedy. Rick Dissellio read a speech from Speedy, in which he promised that, if elected, he would end school early, have extra recess, and provide endless lunches of chocolate …

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