Great Job, Internet!: Paint your brain with the use of color in True Detective’s title sequence

One of the biggest changes between seasons one and two of True Detective is that Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle, now played by Vince Vaughn, cleaned up his act, moved to northern New Jersey, and opened a number of successful Chuck E. Cheese franchises. Actually, none of that is true, but if you haven’t tuned in to season two yet, there’s no point in ruining it for you here.

What is different is the use of color in the main title sequence. Season one’s title sequence had a very distinctive aesthetic that used overlays to marry up important visuals to reversed silhouettes. Those striking, monochromatic juxtapositions were the handiwork of Raoul Marks, who won an Emmy for his work. The Creators Project spoke with Marks about how his team turned brief clips and images into True Detective‘s dynamic title sequences, as well as what he had …

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