Great Job, Internet!: One YouTuber has created the Seinfeld finale that should have been

Before Bryan Cranston shaved his head to play the lead in AMC’s Breaking Bad, he was Jerry’s dentist, Tim Whatley, on Seinfeld. Beyond that bit of casting trivia, the two shows have other similarities.

Heisenberg is the one who knocks; Kramer is the one who never knocks. Walter White turned himself into a meth kingpin by doing the opposite of everything he usually did. George Costanza pioneered that self-management technique and landed himself a job in the front office of the New York Yankees. Jesse Pinkman was a counterculture lowlife who struggled to adapt to social norms; Kramer didn’t even try. Wayne Knight’s Newman was never on Breaking Bad, but you can totally picture Tuco murdering him out in the desert.

Why point out these connections? Because YouTuber David Elmaleh has envisioned a new Seinfeld finale that creates the perfect segue into Breaking Bad. Sure, some …

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