Great Job, Internet!: One guy predicted last night’s Game Of Thrones twist 3 years ago

(This post contains plot details from the fifth episode of Game Of Thrones’ sixth season.)

Read enough Game Of Thrones fan theories and you’re bound to stumble across correct predictions now and again. For instance, while last night’s Hodor “twist” caught many fans off guard, a fantasy sci-fi writer/Poconos lawyer named Michael A. Ventrella correctly guessed it (kind of) three years ago, as he detailed on his blog.

On last night’s episode, it was finally revealed that young farm boy Wylis became monoverbal Hodor through a complicated bit of Bran-related time travel. In the past, Wylis heard present-day Meera screaming, “Hold the door,” which he garbled into “Hodor,” thus setting him on a path to fulfilling his destiny of protecting Bran. It was a pretty shocking reveal and also super sad because Hodor died. (R.I.P. Hodor.)

Hold. The. Door.

The. Tears. Flow.

— Kumail Nanjiani …

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