Great Job, Internet!: On this Tumblr, every album is an Aerosmith album

Surprisingly, the long-running Boston rock quintet Aerosmith never actually recorded an album called Sweet Emotion, even though that was the title of the band’s first-ever Top 40 hit single back in 1975 and a key track on the band’s legendary, breakthrough Toys In The Attic LP. But never mind. This minor historical slight has more than been corrected by the internet. Specifically, in the topsy-turvy alternate universe of a Tumblr called Every Album Is Aerosmith, literally every album is titled Sweet Emotion and credited to Aerosmith, regardless of who really recorded it. Remember Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan? Yeah, that’s Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith now.

Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run LP? That’s Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith, too.

Lady Gaga’s The Fame Monster, likewise, will now be filed under either “A” for “Aerosmith.” (Or “S” for “Sweet Emotion.”)

In fact, this Tumblr seems to …

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