Great Job, Internet!: On its 50th anniversary, a look back at Help! and its impact on music videos

Video may have killed the radio star, but The Beatles—the ultimate radio stars—may have inadvertently created the music video with their movies. Fifty years ago today, Help! was released in theaters across the United States.

New York Times critic Bosley Crowther described Help! as “90 crowded minutes of good, clean insanity.” The film was the first time fans could see The Beatles in color on the big screen and featured seven songs from the group’s newest album of the same name. In the film’s very silly plot, The Beatles flee to exotic locations like the Austrian Alps and the Bahamas to protect Ringo from an Eastern cult hellbent on killing him just because he is wearing a sacrificial ring that was given to him by a fan. Meanwhile, a mad scientist and his zany assistant also pursue Ringo and the ring.

Although Help! was not as …

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