Great Job, Internet!: On its 20th anniversary, everything worth pondering from Pinky And The Brain

Prepare the various “Narfs!” and “Zorts!,” as it’s time to fondly recall Pinky And The Brain. Originally appearing as a segment in Animaniacs in 1993, the pair of would-be world conquering lab mice got their own spin-off 20 years ago today on the WB Network. Pinky and the Brain (voiced by Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche, respectively) were an oddball pairing of a super-intelligent mouse hellbent on global domination and his fellow laboratory mouse who is given to sudden, Tourette’s like exclamations and various flights of fancy.

In their adventures, the duo would go on game shows, become country mega stars, be medieval lab mice, and eventually get teamed up with Elmyra from Tiny Toons Adventures for a season. One memorable short, titled “Yes Always,” parodied the infamous recording session of Orson Welles as he battles radio ad producers on how to emphasize certain lines in a frozen …

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