Great Job, Internet!: Oh yeah! Kool-Aid Man’s entrance meets the cold reality of science

One of the more persistent marketing campaigns (lasting over 30 years), has been the Kool-Aid Man bursting through a wall to offer his sugary refreshment to kids in need (and with flagrant disregard for load-bearing architecture). For those not familiar, here’s an example:

But could a real life Kool-Aid Man actually burst through brick and mortar walls so easily? Putting aside the question of what sort of demented God would allow such a monstrosity to walk the earth, VSauce3 decided to use science to determine if such a feat would be possible should an anthropomorphic pitcher of sugar water decide to crash through a wall.

Josh from VSauce3 walks through the various elements at play—Kool-Aid Man’s glass make up, density, mass, velocity, plus the amount of liquid he would displace upon his dramatic entrance. So is the final judgment an “oh yeah” it could happen or is …

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