Great Job, Internet!: Observe Beethoven’s (likely) birthday with Schroeder from Peanuts

Record-keeping was imperfect in 18th-century Germany, so history does not have an exact date of birth for classical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, now probably best loved for his contributions to the soundtracks from A Clockwork Orange, Die Hard, and many other films and TV shows. But it is known that Beethoven was born in mid-December of 1770 and was baptized on December 17 of that month. December 16, then, has come to be generally agreed upon as “Beethoven Day,” the composer’s close-enough-for-horseshoes-and-hand-grenades birthday. In honor of Ludwig Van’s 245th, it is only appropriate to turn to pop culture’s single greatest Beethoven fan, one whose devotion eclipses even that of Alexander DeLarge: Schroeder, the serious, piano-playing tyke from Charles Schulz’s long-running comic and multi-media franchise, Peanuts.

For decades, the obsessive, tow-headed Schroeder hunched over his tiny toy piano in order to play the Beethoven music he so …

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