Great Job, Internet!: Obama’s White House photographer is dropping Trump burns on Instagram

During Barack Obama’s tenure as President of the United States, White House photographer Pete Souza used his Instagram to document both the nobility and humanity of the office. Now that the gig is over, however, Souza has dedicated his feed to another important purpose: Dogging Donald Trump. For the most part, Souza has been fairly subtle with his digs. He’s simply been contrasting current events from the Trump administration with events from the Obama one. So he posted photos of Obama meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (sans awkward handshake) around the time Trump was having similar meetings. But in a new post, Souza makes his most overt Trump slam yet:

Instagram Embed

Souza’s post is a reference to the fact that when Trump held an emergency strategy session about an unexpected North Korean missile test on Saturday, he chose …

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