Great Job, Internet!: NPR’s tweet of Declaration of Independence angers Trump supporters

Yesterday, America celebrated its 241 years of freedom the way it has since 1776: with a beery display of patriotism that quickly devolves into righteous anger, to the point where we start blowing up our stuff just to prove we own it. This year, that grand tradition of jingoistic jackassery coincided with NPR’s nearly 30-year-old ritual of reading out the Declaration of Independence—an act that then became all mixed up with the knee-jerk irrationality of Twitter, when NPR decided to tweet the entire text, 140 characters at a time. Add in the rancor for the media and general, persistent irritability that defines the Donald Trump age, and the result is people angrily railing against one of the foundational documents of our nation for “bias.” It’s like the internet taking a massive tea-dump in the fetid Boston Harbor of your mind.

Most of yesterday’s outrage stemmed from …

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