Great Job, Internet!: Now you can watch full episodes of talent show trainwreck Stairway To Stardom online

Seinfeld on Hulu? Big deal. Friends on Netflix? Old news. Another classic, New York-based television show has recently become available for streaming online, and it’s something infinitely more bizarre than either of those long-running sitcoms. An internet staple for years, the much-loved, much-mocked, no-budget New York public access talent show Stairway To Stardom (1979-1992) has heretofore been available only via brief clips—a tap dancing routine here, a dramatic monologue there. Just enough to immerse the viewer in the show’s charmingly tacky, occasionally delusional world of frustrated lounge singers and would-be comedians. As engrossing as these excerpts were, they had been taken out of their original context. But recently, 16 full-length, half-hour episodes of Stairway To Stardom have surfaced on the YouTube channel lovingly maintained by Stairway superfan Mitch Friedman, who was memorably profiled on NPR back in 2006 as part of a story in which the series …

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