Great Job, Internet!: Now you can turn any zany line drawing into a terrifying flesh mask

Perhaps you recall the saga of pix2pix, the fun piece of machine learning software that turned your simplistic line drawings of cats into fuzzy nightmare blobs of eyes and skin, purring affectionately even as they beg for death. Well, folks, they’re back, and they’ve applied their same brand of magic to the human face. Please meet your beautiful son, “Hair Eyes”:

Hair Eyes, you will remember, is the result of a vast neural network of images of humans; it takes your drawing and guesses what you might’ve meant by it using that vast network and spits out a blob of dark brown hair over a baroque, painterly swath of flesh and a ghostly imitation of a grimace, like a Francis Bacon painting. But knowing how it works doesn’t answer the question: Where are the eyes? Where are the fucking eyes?

Here are some eyes.

And here …

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