Great Job, Internet!: Now you can play the computer game Pac-Man in the real world, on your computer

Pac-Man, the popular video game about a binge eater’s futile attempt to escape the demons of the afterlife, is now also a neat thing you can play on Google Maps. Just bring up a map of a place and click the Pac-Man button in the lower-left to turn the map’s byways into a playfield for furious pellet-gobbling fun.

Okay, the “fun” of playing the game wears off in 30 seconds or so, but it is amusing to plug in different locales to see how well (or, in most cases, how poorly) they serve as Pac-Man mazes. The A.V. Club‘s Marah Eakin discovered, for instance, that it’s fun to watch Pac-Man wobble his way through the curves of San Francisco’s Lombard Street.

Here’s a fun/impossible one for @GoogleMaps PacMan (Seven Dials, London):

— Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) March 31, 2015

Why …

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