Great Job, Internet!: Now you can listen to Scott Thompson’s pre-Kids In The Hall band online

For the coolest kids in the early ’90s, The Kids In The Hall was the more interesting alternative to Saturday Night Live. It was more subversive, weirder, and simply more Canadian, which may actually all mean the same thing. Before the Kids were picked up by Lorne Michaels, Scott Thompson and writing partner Paul Bellini (generally seen on KITH clad simply in a bath towel) had a punk band called Mouth Congress and somebody uploaded all of their albums to Bandcamp for your listening pleasure.

Plenty of great punk bands start in the subdivisions on the outskirts of the city and really, Toronto is a simply a really big suburb. That Over The Edge-style boredom leads to pretty good rock ‘n’ roll music. Mouth Congress is pretty silly, unsurprisingly coming from the men who would help bring to life the Chicken Lady, the Headcrusher, and Buddy Cole. The song …

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