Great Job, Internet!: Now seems like a good time to shit on Steve Bannon, who might get fired

It’s hard to get too excited about anything involving the Trump White House, given that it is being slowly assembled piecemeal by an enfeebled racist grifter whose worldview is informed with an almost parental comprehensiveness by “things he sees on Fox News.” And yet it’s also hard not to feel a slight uptick in hope, if not because of the newly empowered teenage boy who has taken over the reins of the administration then because of who he has taken them from: sentient shitpost Steve Bannon. First Bannon was removed from the National Security Council, then stories began to circle about apple-cheeked golden boy Kushner openly feuding with Bannon, who, by point of contrast, looks like one of those eyeless fleshy things fishermen find in the deep ocean. Now, adding to all of that, Trump has weighed in with a firm vote of no confidence, telling the New …

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