Great Job, Internet!: Now it’s time for literal pop culture Easter eggs

Pop culture easter eggs are traditionally hard to find little nods to other works of art hidden within a film, book, TV show, or piece of music. But why go for the figurative pop culture Easter egg when there’s a literal alternative ready to be seen and consumed? Artist Barak Hardley has created over 60 eggs that are expertly drawn to resemble their inspiration, pulling from the past, present, and even the future of popular culture.

As hosted by AWE(me) on YouTube, Hardley shows off his egg variants, which must have taken a lot of time to painstakingly recreate so many figures. Remember Jaws from the Bond films? Well now he’s back—in egg form! There are figures from creations such as Mork & Mindy, Homestar Runner, Star Wars, Calvin And Hobbes, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Saturday Night Live, and even some political figures. It’s an …

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