Great Job, Internet!: Nothing good can come from tossing McDonald’s burgers into a juicer

Apparently, it was a good time for a great waste of McDonald’s. The people behind a YouTube channel called Bad Things For Bad People have devised a truly vile and depraved experiment called “Junk Juice 1,” in which various and sundry McDonald’s hamburgers are fed into a juicer, along with an order of fries and even a soft drink. This is all accompanied by ominous, Inception-type music, and it’s quite artfully filmed, sometimes in slow-motion.

Slowly but surely, a brown, vaguely fecal-looking sludge begins to emerge from the machine. This is collected into a glass. At the video’s conclusion, a polo-shirted young man actually dares to drink the foul concoction while standing next to a large garbage can. He downs the entire glass of hamburger-based liquid, spilling only some of it on his shirt. Seized with laughter, he manages a brief culinary review: “This tastes …

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