Great Job, Internet!: Not knowing how to tweet didn’t stop Jay Z from issuing a great rap-nerd tweetstorm

It’s sort of insane that Jay Z is the first rapper to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. It’s as much a testament to his power within the music industry, where he has ascended to a level of power that almost gives credence to those Illuminati conspiracy theories, as it is a testament to his music, which is often canonical but certainly not the first to be deserving of the honor.

If curious about who else might be deserving of induction, well, Hov took to Twitter with a few suggestions. And, while it’s always fun to see musicians nerd out about their influences the same way their fans do, it’s also fun to see the 47-year-old giddily fire off a bunch of tweets. While he’s had an account on the platform since 2008, he’s only used it to issue a whopping 262 …

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