Great Job, Internet!: Normal humans Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump perform what they believe is a “hug”

Human coathanger and Florida Senator Marco Rubio recently attended a meeting with some colleagues to discuss paid family leave, and joining the elected officials at the meeting was unelected nepotism beneficiary Ivanka Trump. Trump, who has almost certainly had to explain to her father that “paid family leave” isn’t the buyout you give your ex-wives to never show their faces again, greeted the presidential also-ran with the kind of keep-your-distance chill the Trump family usually extends to anyone in a lower income bracket, but Rubio wasn’t having it. So naturally, in a display of the very regular average-Joe behavior that makes both these people so warm and relatable to the American public, the two of them exchanged what their advisors almost certainly assured them is known in common parlance as a “hug.”

Ivanka Trump arriving at the Capitol greeted by Sen Rubio. She’s now meeting with lawmakers …

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