Great Job, Internet!: No Small Parts is a web series about that guy from that thing

Not everyone Hollywood is lucky enough to lock down a career as a big name leading man or woman. For every Will Smith or Meryl Streep there are hundreds of actors grinding it out year after year in roles like the quirky neighbor, the zany best friend, the motivational teacher, or the pain-in-the butt arch-nemesis. Much like The A.V. Club’s own series Random Roles where we speak to some of Hollywood’s lesser known, but instantly recognizable faces, a fascinating YouTube web documentary series called No Small Parts seeks to shed more light about the real people behind some of the more memorable guys from that thing or that one girl from that show.

Among the subjects already documented by the series include Anne Ramsay from The Goonies, Warwick Davis (the man behind the Ewok costume in Return Of The Jedi), Vincent Schiavelli (Frederickson from One Flew Over …

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