Great Job, Internet!: No Country For Old Men gets a dramatic Mario Kart makeover

Mario Kart lends dramatic flair in this YouTube video illustrating an abridged version of Tommy Lee Jones’ dream monologue from No Country For Old Men.

The YouTube channel LaDiDa Music Videos has expertly matched Mario Kart race scenes with Jones’ description of two dreams he had of his father. In the movie, Jones recounts his dreams at the kitchen table, but “No Country For Old Mario Kart” cuts to a snowy pass right on cue, complete with dramatic music.

“I’m older now than he ever was by 20 years,” Jones says, as Mario passes Baby Mario and then bumps him out of the way when he gets ahead again. “So in a sense, he’s the younger man.”

It’s even better than the original. Who knew Mario Kart chases could hold such symbolism?

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