Great Job, Internet!: Nigel Lythgoe looks back on his sci-fi rock musical flop, The Apple

Nigel Lythgoe is now best known in America as a fixture of reality competition shows, serving as a producer on American Idol and a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. But the most interesting credit on his IMDB page is choreographing one of the most garish, gaudy, and inexplicable films ever made: Menahem Golan’s faux-futuristic, pseudo-Biblical, nigh-unfollowable 1980 rock musical fantasy, The Apple. A cult favorite today, the film was a career-besmirching, money-hemorrhaging bomb when it was released 35 years ago. Showing an admirable sense of humor about his past foibles, the pain obviously cushioned by his subsequent success, Lythgoe recently talked to Yahoo Music editor Lyndsey Parker about the strange, doomed production and his involvement therein.

During the interview, Lythgoe displays the equanimity that comes only with time. “I mean, it’s laughable now,” he now admits. “And it’s fun to make fun of it …

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