Great Job, Internet!: Nickelodeon’s anarchic KaBlam! turns 20 years old today, KaBlammers

Though billed as a show “where cartoons and comics collide,” Nickelodeon’s KaBlam! was really a kid-friendly version of of MTV’s Liquid Television. Debuting on October 11, 1996, KaBlam! was a frenetic, half-hour showcase for animated shorts done in a wide variety of styles. Each week, bantering kid hosts Henry and June—their names a seeming reference to Henry and June Miller—would introduce segments like Action League Now!, Prometheus And Bob, Sniz & Fondue, Life With Loopy, Angela Anaconda, and more.

Though it ran for four seasons, KaBlam! has languished in semi-obscurity since its 2000 cancellation. There were no official VHS or DVD releases, and even reruns have been scarce. A few episodes did turn up recently on The Splat, a late-night nostalgia block on TeenNick. Meanwhile, fans have kept the show alive by posting scattered episodes to YouTube. The show’s pilot suggests that KaBlam! might have …

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