Great Job, Internet!: New Tumblr suggests Ska bands and improv troupes are nearly indistinguishable

On the surface, ska music and improvisational comedy may not seem to have any obvious or hidden connections, apart from being things that your local newspaper’s “Arts & Entertainment” section might recommend as weekend time-killers. And yet, both of these maligned, misunderstood art forms seem to attract a lot of earnest, twenty-something Caucasians who like to take deeply uncool group photos, occasionally while wearing matching outfits. At least that’s the take-away lesson from Ska Or Improv, a Tumblr from the makers of the Holding Court Podcast. The premise is extremely simple: “The following pictures are of either a ska band or an improv troupe. Can YOU tell the difference?” Readers are thus invited to study the pictures and make their guesses in the comments section. This little game is not as easy as it might initially seem. The visual differences between ska bands and improv troupes are slight …

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