Great Job, Internet!: New Tumblr highlights the invisible conversation between hip-hop and Medieval art

While most people assume hip-hop is a contemporary art form with Caribbean roots, it could have links to pre-16th century European art as well. Or at least that’s the theory of Cecilia Azcarate, who uses her Tumblr B4-XVI to seek out the unexpected connections between Medieval and Renaissance art and hip-hop iconography.

Case in point: Wiz Khalifa and this gift-giver from Hugo Van Der Goes’ 15th Century painting, “Adoration Of The Magi,” share the same fondness for leopard fur collars and gold necklaces.

While Rick Ross and Henry VIII (as painted by the studio of Hans Holbein The Younger around 1540) also appreciate a nice fur. (In general, the fact that rappers sometimes wear fur coats is a huge boon to this project.)

Meanwhile, The ATL Twins find a spiritual connection to this 1432 work by Jan Van Eyck.

And finally, this ethereal looking photo of Kanye West at …

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