Great Job, Internet!: New Trump meme proves many, many Americans were raised right

Over the Fourth Of July weekend, Americans once more gave voice to their freedom and the noble legacy of shaking off the yoke of colonial oppression by getting drunk and setting things on fire in order to make shiny colors and loud noises. But not everyone participated in this grand bacchanalian tradition of excess and waste the rest of the world sees as the definitive representation of the U.S.A. See, several days earlier, a Twitter user with the handle Makenna had been on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, checking out the Walk Of Fame, a place where interested tourists can observe metal and concrete tributes to their favorite celebrities, and then step on them.

But amid the pentagrammed salutes to Tinseltown legends like Tom Cruise, Bob Hope, and, uh, The Rugrats, Makenna noticed something was amiss. Namely, the star dedicated to real estate mogul and man who resembles …

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