Great Job, Internet!: New Photobomber game puts random stock photos to good use

It is staggering sometimes to consider the sheer volume of images that must be housed at a photo-and-video-sharing site like Flickr. The number is certainly in the billions by now. By some estimates, upwards of 3.5 million new images are uploaded to Flickr each day by the site’s many millions of registered users. But what to do with all of these images? Are they to languish, unseen and unwanted, for an eternity in some virtual warehouse, collecting digital dust, having never even been used as wallpaper? Justin Hook, who currently works as a script coordinator at Bob’s Burgers, has found a clever way to get some mileage out of some Flickr images. Using the site’s application program interface (API), Hook has created a game called Photobomber. It’s a simple diversion, as its creator explains: “It uses the Flickr API to create fill-in-the-blank puzzles using the …

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