Great Job, Internet!: New oral history tracks the birthing pains of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Good news for anybody who finished our oral history of Comedy Central and still finds themselves hankering for details on humor’s backstage ordeals: Vanity Fair has a fascinating new oral history up today, exploring the often fractious origins of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

Much of the history focuses on the show’s transition from original host Craig Kilborn to Stewart, and more specifically, the bitter struggles between Stewart’s writers and Kilborn’s remaining writers, who saw themselves as the stewards of a successful show, fending off a failed MTV interloper.

In the words of correspondent Mo Rocca:

We had a meeting where [Stewart] said he had resolved that the show needed to have a point of view and couldn’t just be the kid at the back of the classroom throwing spitballs in all directions. I remember people trading the kind of glances that said, ‘Oh …

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