Great Job, Internet!: New Google Chrome extension adds googly eyes to just about anything

The Internet exists, above all, to make life easier. From dating and directions to job hunting and good old-fashioned fetish pornography, this wondrous series of tubes has put a wealth of information and resources within easy reach of even the most indolent and incompetent citizen. And now, the Internet has taken the drudgery out of one of life’s most onerous chores: attaching googly eyes to pictures of celebrities. In previous, less advanced decades, those wishing to make movie stars and politicians look more like the Cookie Monster would actually have to buy a bag of googly eyes from a craft or hobby store and then painstakingly glue those delightful orbs to actual, physical pictures clipped from magazines and newspapers. Such a burden! But now website and app developer Steve Wozniak (not to be confused with that Steve Wozniak) has a better solution: Googlifier, a free Google Chrome extension which …

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