Great Job, Internet!: New app shows you how to make a Lego portrait of your pet

Ever wanted to create a Lego replica of your little pug’s face? Who hasn’t? Now there’s an app for that. Brickshots lets you upload a photo of you pets and then gives you a detailed breakdown of all the Lego pieces you need to create a mosaic rendering of the image. Okay, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be a photo of a pet. But that’s the route Mashable went when testing out the new app. A cute little kitty is also the subject matter for a demonstration from the Brickshots team. Mashable used Edie, a beautiful pooch from the team’s test run of Tindog—yes, that’s Tinder for dogs—in the Brickshots dry run.

The app requires a free registration, and from there, you can get on with your mosaic-making skills. Once you upload the photo you wish to Lego-fy, Brickshots gives …

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