Great Job, Internet!: Nerdcore icons slam Alex Trebek with a dorky diss track

Last week, Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek poked fun at a contestant named Susan Cole over her taste in music, describing nerdcore hip-hop artists as “losers” because they rap about video games and science fiction. Cole took it well, laughing along with Trebek as he admitted that he was “just teasing,” but—to nobody’s surprise—internet people who take themselves very seriously interpreted Trebek’s comment as a vicious attack on an entire genre of music that he’s too old and uncool to understand. Of course, that take on it ignores the fact that Trebek is usually a lot more open about it when he doesn’t like a Jeopardy! contestant, especially when it involves them doing or saying something he doesn’t approve of, but whatever. People were angry, and a basic familiarity with Alex Trebek’s shtick wasn’t going to make it go away.

Now, some …

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