Great Job, Internet!: Nerd alert: Here’s a mashup of They Might Be Giants and Force Awakens

They Might Be Giants tried something unusual with their 1992 album Apollo 18. The penultimate song, “Fingertips,” consisted of 21 brief musical fragments, some lasting only a few seconds and each given its own separate track number. As explained in the liner notes (remember liner notes?), the idea was that fans could use the “shuffle” feature on their CD players (remember CD players?) to create endless permutations of Apollo 18. Most fans seemed to ignore that advice and listened to the 21 mini-songs in the order they were presented on the album. Some even cooked up the theory that “Fingertips” told the story of a person’s birth, life, death, and afterlife. Now, 24 years later, “Fingertips” seems to have finally found its true purpose, serving as an alternate soundtrack for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A YouTuber called wyomingnot, a self-described “random nerd who likes putting music and TV …

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