Great Job, Internet!: Napkin doodles reach new heights with Star Wars characters riding dinosaurs

Every day, coolest parent ever Nina Levy draws pop-culture characters on napkins, which go in her two son’s lunch boxes and are returned home. At first, the simple doodles were actually used as napkins, but with Levy’s increasingly complex drawings and her sons increasing age, they’re now carefully brought home, boxed, and shared via Levy’s Daily Napkins blog. Levy writes that, “Neither child uses them for anything besides decoration. Several years ago my older son told me helpfully, ‘Oh, I only use the napkin to get attention. I just wipe my hands on my clothes.’” Good thing, because these napkins are too cool to throw away.

The Star Wars characters on dinos are just the latest series in Levy’s collection; she draws whatever her sons are interested in at the moment. Her blog has the napkins organized by subject: For instance, there are 12 Ewok …

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