Great Job, Internet!: Mysterious “Calvin And Hobbles” artwork sold very cheaply on eBay

Oh, the things you can find on eBay. Comics readers still have fond memories of Bill Watterson’s Calvin And Hobbes, the whimsical 1985-1995 strip that detailed the adventures of a rambunctious young boy and his best friend, a stuffed tiger who came to life in the lad’s vivid imagination. Fans may have fewer fond memories, however, of Calvin And Hobbles by the elusive Bill Waterson. This tiger-free comic strip detailed the odd, ungrammatical adventures of a king-sized, spiky-haired child and his incredibly irresponsible, laissez faire parents. Some original Calvin And Hobbles artwork sold recently on eBay for the shockingly low price of $2.25. The seller’s description is terse but intriguing: “Calvin and Hobbles by Waterson. Mike Sellers was the inker for many art work artist from that era. 16×20 poster board. Signed by Mike Sellers who did the ink work.” Interestingly, no questions were posted about …

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