Great Job, Internet!: Musical mashup provides harder, better, faster, stronger Shia LaBeouf

In a move seemingly designed to erase all memories of Indiana Jones And the Crystal Skull and that “I am not famous anymore” paper bag-wearing nonsense, Shia LaBeouf has given the world, or at least the internet portion of it, a gift of incalculable value: a shouty, unhinged “motiviational” speech shot in front of a green screen. Just the thing for wisecracking YouTubers to make fun of. LaBeouf recorded his now-infamous, much-parodied “do it” monologue in a Los Angeles studio as part of a video art project in collaboration with the students at London art school called Central Saint Martins and fully intended the work to be ruthlessly remixed by the public. Actually, there’s a good half hour of LaBeouf reading student-written pieces in front of that green screen, but the internet has seized upon those two testosterone-crazed minutes of LaBeouf screaming encouragement at the camera like a personal …

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