Great Job, Internet!: Movie posters look better when they’re unsullied by pesky words

When Samuel Beckett said that “every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness,” it’s doubtful he was referring specifically to movie posters. Still, the internet has decided that plenty of posters look even better without all those pesky titles, names, and credits getting in the way of the artwork. Over on Imgur, a user called JoinYouInTheSun (whose profile says, “I love everything about movies.”) has assembled an alphabetically-arranged gallery of 60 such textless movie posters, ranging from About Schmidt to The Wrestler. And for those still not satisfied or perhaps those looking for specific titles, JoinYouInTheSun helpfully provides a link to “a 1000+ collection” of textless posters. In the more manageable Imgur gallery, meanwhile, the cinema fan will find any number of verbiage-free delights. There is, for instance, the pure zen beauty of the Stand By Me one-sheet.

Gorgeous, right? And then there is the brooding …

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