Great Job, Internet!: Mindlessly scroll through this collection of beautiful shots in film

There are a couple of different ways to wind down after a hard week. Some people want to challenge themselves with thoughtful, intellectual prose; others want uproarious comedy to lighten their moods; and some want to mindlessly scroll through a series of pretty picture.

This Imgur gallery is perfect for the latter kind of folks. It’s a collection of movie stills tied together by no particular theme other than the fact that they’re all gorgeous. But they aren’t even necessarily the most gorgeous shots in cinema history, just a collection of personal favorites that includes movies from all different eras and cultural reputations. So not only does the gallery celebrate North By Northwest‘s airplane setpiece and 2001: A Space Odyssey‘s cinematography, it also salutes Skyfall‘s lighting and Romeo + Juliet‘s production design.

There are no descriptions to read and no larger meanings to be …

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