Great Job, Internet!: Mike O’Brien and Will Forte get up close and ketchup-covered on 7 Minutes In Heaven

Mike O’Brien was a writer on Saturday Night Live for seven seasons and a featured player for one, but arguably his most distinctive, memorable project remains 7 Minutes In Heaven, the hyper-awkward celebrity interview series he began in 2011. There, he lured everyone from Amy Poehler to Insane Clown Posse into a cramped clothes closet for some extremely intimate conversations, traditionally ending each chat with a tentative kiss. Since O’Brien’s demeanor and appearance both suggest a gawky adolescent, it was a very appropriate showcase for his talents. He eventually moved on from 7 Minutes to other pursuits, but he recently announced that he would be producing all-new episodes for Above Average. That promise has come to bear, and the latest installment of 7 Minutes finds O’Brien spending some quality closet time with fellow SNL veteran Will Forte, currently in between seasons of Fox’s The …

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