Great Job, Internet!: MetaFilter founder swaps GOP candidates’ guns for dildos with hilarious results

If there’s one thing the current slate of Republican primary candidates have in common, it’s their love of guns. They love to have their picture taken holding guns. Guns make them look like virile protectors and show the base how much they love the Second Amendment.

MetaFilter founder Matt Haughey has had enough of these heat-packing photo ops and has decided to replace the candidates’ weapons with harmless dildos. He launched the project and the accompanying Tumblr, GOP Dildo, on Saturday, and started asking followers to send in images they’d like him to photoshop. So far, the results have been priceless.

Keep your damn government hands off my Pink Dragon says @RandPaul #GOPdildo

— Matt Haughey (@mathowie) December 5, 2015

When @tedcruz faces tough questions from the press, he keeps Ol’ Trusty Blue by his side #GOPdildo

— Matt Haughey (@mathowie …

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