Great Job, Internet!: “Megaplex” is the audio-visual mixtape fever dream of pop culture you need

Supercuts and mash-ups are all the rage on the internet these days. Compiling disparate clips with a running theme, or else combining two properties that don’t seem to blend, have yielded entertaining videos. “Megaplex” the newest giant video remix from Smash TV goes beyond all of that to create a giant, three-part saga that rewires the viewer’s brain. Pulling clips from more than 80 movies (plus commercials and TV, it seems), the editors have managed to pull some outstanding visuals and set them to catchy music. It’s hypnotic in its flow, mesmerizing to the point where there’s almost a connective tissue seen between all of the clips.

The sources range from The Secret Of NIMH to No Holds Barred, Cocoon to Total Recall (the original, of course), from Harry And The Hendersons to Akira, and everything in between. Divided into three parts (“Turbo,” “Coming Attractions,” and …

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