Great Job, Internet!: Meet the YouTuber who makes hilariously bizarre versions of TV theme songs

Thomas The Tank Engine is a train who’s a thug that carries a switchblade. And he’ll cut you good. At least, that’s the story according to Jeffrey Davis—more commonly known as boinky333—the YouTuber who’s been voicing self-generated “remixes” of various beloved TV theme songs.

Choice boinky333 cuts include Perry Mason (“Perry Mason! / He’s gonna solve the case, oh yes!”), Babar (“Babar is an unforgiving king / He shall slay you if you cross his path.”) and Murder She Wrote (“Everyone’s being murdered, oh yes!”). There are more out there, though, considering David has recorded fake versions of 141 different TV theme songs.

Davis has since moved on from remixes, and his most recent work includes a reggae theme for Grover Cleveland and some poorly mixed songs as a member of the band Jimmy. His discography isn’t too hard to find, though. Check …

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