Great Job, Internet!: Meet the slack-jawed, potato-faced dreamboats of last night’s white supremacist hate march

Things got scary in the small college town of Charlottesville, Virginia, last night, when hundreds of torch-bearing white supremacists began marching through the city and onto the campus of the University of Virginia. The fact that the assembled group was carrying tiki torches, and not flaming crosses, made the whole thing more surreal, but not less chilling, as the gathering stomped around the city, shouting “White lives matter!” and ‘You will not replace us!” into the night. Following along on Twitter and through eyewitness accounts, the internet watched as these polo-shirted “crusaders” made themselves feel big for an evening, and then the internet did what the internet does: It dragged these motherfuckers through the mud.

Social media filled up with people watching the march from afar last night and this morning, calling for these proud “white nationalists” to be identified by name to their loved ones and employers. But, in …

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