Great Job, Internet!: Meet the 14-year-old pop star who’s literally being created with internet data

There was once a stigma surrounding the idea of the manufactured pop star. We’d lament the loss of identity, the squandering of artistic progress, or, quite simply, the soullessness of it all. Maybe it was poptimism, or maybe it was just an evolution in taste, but that’s certainly not the case anymore. Today, the question of authenticity in pop doesn’t matter; rather, it’s about the character, the idea, the message, the presentation. A fascinating new piece on The Ringer explores the ultra-modern approach producers are taking in crafting pop icons in this day and age using 14-year-old Missourian Bryson Morris as a lens.

Morris is touted by management as a “rap god” worth “literally, fifty to one hundred million dollars.” These claims come based on the release of just one song, “Louis Gucci,” which even includes its own making-of video.

Author Sam Rosen flew to Houston …

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