Great Job, Internet!: Meet one of the “cyborgs” spewing conservative vitriol on Twitter all day long

Much has been written about how Donald Trump was carried to victory in the arms of trolls, whose relentless #MAGA-ing and meme-ing were the dank incantations that finally conjured one Dark Shitlord to rule them all. But while you already knew most of those people were dead inside, perhaps you didn’t realize some of them were actual robots? Or in the case of the popular conservative accounts run by Daniel John Sobieski, the 68-year-old subject of this nightmarish profile in The Washington Post, a half-bot, half-human hybrid who’s one of Twitter’s growing numbers of “cyborgs.” Like RoboCop, Sobieski prowls a corporate-owned sci-fi dystopia, spouting a series of programmed prime directives (and, most likely, eating baby food he shits into a bag). But unlike RoboCop, there’s nothing fun about it.

Sobieski sounds a lot like any other cranky conservative retiree—“a prolific writer of letters to the …

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