Great Job, Internet!: Meanwhile, in China, people are just frolicking around dressed as Minions

When Dante descended the circles of hell, he crossed the River Styx and found the damned, mud-covered and pitiful, tearing one another apart. In the real world city of Lianyuan—located in Hunan province, China—something much more horrifying occurs: Groups of tourists, dressed in adult-sized Minion costumes, frolic across nature’s beauty in open contempt of the notion of a just or kind universal order.

Tourists in #Minion costumes enjoy leisure time on rubber rafts at a riverside scenic zone in Lianyuan, Hunan province. #ChinaTravel

— China News 中国新闻网 (@Echinanews) July 25, 2017

While the entire world is at fault for allowing the pube-headed, Twinkie-looking Despicable Me characters’ popularity to get this far out of hand, China in particular shoulders a decent amount of responsibility for injecting so much cash into the coffers of those who continue to make movies and merchandise centered on them. As …

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