Great Job, Internet!: Mean girls get theirs in this Are You Afraid Of The Dark?-style horror short

Along with wishing Mom and Dad would just realize you know what’s best for yourself and leave you alone already (God you guys, seriously!), wanting to get back at those who did mean things to you is probably the one of the top fantasies of high school kids. And since there’s arguably no single crueler entity on earth than a roving pack of adolescent girls, the mean and vicious things done to fellow teenagers during one of the most emotional vulnerable phases of their life can leave lasting scars.

That desire for sweet, sweet revenge is the basis of the horror short “Givertaker,” written and directed by Peter S. Hall and Paul Gandesman, respectively. The two are the creative force behind Arcanum Pictures, the indie production company from Austin, Texas, that has already helped bring to life youth-centric movies from young filmmaker …

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