Great Job, Internet!: Maybe what Hannibal needed to succeed was the Friends theme

On August 29, Bryan Fuller’s gory, critically-beloved Hannibal, adapted from the novels of Thomas Harris, left the airwaves, after being booted by NBC three innovative yet little-watched seasons in. Proponents of the gruesome series—and they are legion—are left to wonder what went wrong. Maybe the show was too violent or too avant-garde for mainstream audiences. Maybe viewers were weary of erudite serial killer Hannibal Lecter, whose exploits had already been captured in four novels and (somehow) five movies over the course of three decades. Certainly, some amount of franchise fatigue kicked in between 1991’s Oscar-winning The Silence Of The Lambs, arguably Lecter’s pop cultural zenith, and 2007’s decidedly-not-Oscar-winning Hannibal Rising.

All of these problems may have played a role in Hannibal‘s untimely demise and prevented Fuller from fully realizing his ambitious, multi-season story arc. Or maybe it was something much simpler: the theme …

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