Great Job, Internet!: Maybe this Ken Burns spoof can teach us what the hell Dark Souls was about

To promote the release of Dark Souls III, the game’s official Tumblr launched a contest that challenged fans to create videos the would help new players understand what the hell was going on in those first two games. As anyone who’s played Dark Souls can tell you, that’s a lot easier said than done. The story of the Souls universe is hidden, sometimes deeply, beneath the games’ surface, and its creators leave plenty of room for interpretation and speculation. It’s why videos explaining Dark Souls lore have become an industry unto themselves. But the folks at Nerdy, Inc. did something a little different for their contest submission.

Instead of slapping some melodramatic narration over meticulously captured game footage, they’ve fashioned their explanation of Dark Souls mythology into a short spoof of Ken Burns-style documentaries. In between “3-D recreations” (in-game footage) and so many slow zooms …

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